Total 5mm Solution

Clinical Studies Overview

As a new generation medical device company, Applied Medical understands clinical needs and develops elegant solutions to advance clinical breakthroughs. In that tradition, Applied Medical announces the first complete 5mm laparoscopic solution.

This comprehensive suite of enabling technologies, including the Inzii universal retrieval system, Kii balloon blunt tip system and Epix universal clip applier, is designed to allow surgeons to perform many laparoscopic surgeries through a 5mm approach.

Laparoscopic Instrumentation


Inzii Universal Retrieval System

  • Maximizes port introduction options, providing utmost versatility
  • Features an extra large, angled opening to ease specimen capture

Epix Universal Clip Applier

  • Delivers a true M/L clip for maximum security
  • Features 34cm shaft length for superior reach

Abdominal Access

5mm Kii Fios First Entry

  • Establishes pneumoperitoneum under direct visualization
  • Provides rapid insufflation with minimal penetration

5mm Kii Balloon Blunt Tip

  • Provides superior articulation and cannula fixation
  • Minimizes fascial defect during open access

5mm Kii Advanced Fixation

  • Ensures superior cannula retention for all procedures
  • Maximizes internal working space and visibility by minimizing unintentional trocar displacement
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