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Alexis Wound Protector/Retractor

The Alexis O and Alexis wound protector/retractor provide 360° of circumferential, atraumatic retraction. The Alexis wound protector/retractor maintains moisture at the incision site and reduces superficial surgical site infection following colorectal surgeries. Ref

The self-retaining design of the Alexis protector allows hands-free access to the operative site, maximizes surgical assistance and facilitates specimen removal.


Featuring a rigid retraction ring for superior exposure
Reorder #DescriptionSizeQty
C8401Small 2.5-6cm incisions5
C8402Medium5-9cm incisions5
C8403Large9-14cm incisions5
C8404X-Large11-17cm incisions5
C8405XX-Large17-25cm incisions5
Featuring a flexible retraction ring for maximum conformity
Reorder #DescriptionSizeQty
C8323XX-Small, Short1-3cm incisions5
C8322X-Small, Short2-4cm incisions5
C8313XX-Small1-3cm incisions5
C8312X-Small2-4cm incisions5
C8301Small2.5-6cm incisions5
C8302Medium5-9cm incisions5
C8303Large9-14cm incisions5
C8304X-Large11-17cm incisions5
Featuring a rigid retraction ring for superior exposure
Reorder #DescriptionSizeQty
G6313Large9-14cm incisions5
G6314X-Large11-17cm incisions5
Reorder #DescriptionSizeQty
C8701Small2.5-6cm incisions5
C8702Medium5-9cm incisions5
Reorder #DescriptionSizeQty
HR001*Small/Small2.5-8cm incisions5
HR004*Small/Medium2.5-8cm incisions5
HR005*Medium/Large5-13cm incisions5
*Please contact your Sales Representative for availability.