The GelPOINT path transanal access platform provides the utmost versatility and accessibility for surgeons to perform Transanal Minimally Invasive Surgery (TAMIS).

GelSeal Cap

Provides a flexible fulcrum for unmatched triangulation of standard laparoscopic instrumentation

Maintains pneumorectum for continuous access

Includes two interchangeable insufflation/smoke evacuation ports

Facilitates specimen removal with simple detachment from access channel

Access Channel

Saves valuable OR time with simple placement and set-up

Offers 4cm atraumatic retraction for enhanced exposure and access

Includes suture ties for maximum security throughout procedure

Two sizes available to meet procedural needs

Self-Retaining Sleeves

Accommodates 5mm to 10mm standard instrumentation

Offers greater freedom of movement and less instrument collision due to low-profile design


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