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GelPort Laparoscopic System

Only the GelPort laparoscopic system restores proprioception, combining minimally invasive outcomes with speed and precision. The GelPort system allows surgeons to rapidly alternate between a hand access, straight laparoscopic and open surgical technique to optimize procedural efficiency and clinical outcomes.

The GelSeal cap offers unparalleled access for rapid dissection and mobilization of tissue, facilitating a wide range of procedures. The integral Alexis wound protector/retractor adjusts to varying abdominal walls and incision sizes, protects the incision site Ref and enables extracorporeal resection and specimen retrieval.


Reorder #DescriptionQty
C8XX2(1) GelSeal Cap
(1) Alexis Wound Protector/Retractor
(1) Sterile Lubricant
(1) Marking Pen
(1) Incision Template