Testimonials From Our Interns

  • “I would most definitely recommend an internship at Applied Medical! The company is dedicated to the advancement of team members, and the internship program is a great way for students to get an introduction to a corporate environment. The program can help introduce students to various departments and help students determine what field might be best for them.”

    Alex B. - Interned in Information Technology & Systems

  • “The most rewarding part of my internship was definitely the feeling of becoming a part of the team and actually helping contribute to its growth. My team, and the entire department, was so welcoming and eager to teach me, which was great because I had a lot to learn! I gained confidence in not only my professional skills but my personal skills as well.”

    Charlotte D. - Interned in Clinical Development

  • “Applied Medical not only cares about their team members but they are always willing to give back to the community and I wanted to be a part of that! Applied Medical has a very friendly culture and they always encourage learning and growth.”

    ANEL M. - Interned in Logistics

  • “I enjoyed my internship at Applied Medical as I worked on a variety of production design projects where I was able to apply the skills I learned in college and learn new ones as well. The team was welcoming and willing to answer any questions that I had. It was a great experience.”

    kaitlin l. - Interned in Branding

  • “During my internship, I met team members in every department and learned about Applied Medical’s vertically integrated business model. I was able to meet with surgeons, attend medical device training sessions and learn about the positive effect that Applied is having on healthcare. I had a blast and can’t recommend it enough!”

    Martin V. - Interned in Clinical Development

  • “I started as a Recruiting intern and at the end of my internship officially joined the team as a Jr. Recruiter. At Applied Medical I have the whole package: a friendly company culture which encourages learning and growth, an awesome manager who has given me the ability to feel comfortable to have a voice and help improve processes, as well as great benefits and programs. These are some of the reasons why I pursued an internship and a career at Applied Medical.”

    seanna w. - Interned in Career Development