Epix laparoscopic instruments integrate naturally with the surgeon's hand, providing exceptional handling, enhanced control, unmatched comfort, and tactile feel.

Epix Universal Clip Applier

TiGold clip technology ensures reliable closure and secure retention

Advanced clip delivery system offers reliable, smooth device actuation

Epix Electrosurgical Probes with Smoke Evacuation

A variety of tip offerings with an angled shaft provides options for a range of procedures

Built-in smoke evacuation maintains visibility at the push of a button

Also available in the GelPOINT Path Transanal Procedural Pack

Epix Graspers

Clinically proven latis pads gently engage tissue, reducing the pressure necessary to maintain traction

Handle design incorporates the ability to grasp and lock tissue as desired, ensuring precise control

Epix Scissors

Unique blade design sustains sharpness, even over extensive use

Low profile design eliminates slots and protrusions, enabling full insulation down to the blades

Epix Dissectors

Curved jaws enhance the grasping, mobilizing and cauterizing of tissue

Epix S/I Tubing Set

Clear, ergonomic handpiece provides a comfortable fit and an unobstructed view of the working channels

Built-in smoke evacuation maintains visibility and eliminates the need for a separate smoke evacuation device

Soft, flexible tubing for minimal coiling and improved control

Epix S/I Reusable Probe Attachments

Available in a variety of reusable probe lengths, diameters and tip offerings that enable a wide range of flow rates to be achieved with a single handpiece


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