Establishing safe pneumoperitoneum has always been the most critical part of laparoscopy. In response to this key clinical need, Applied Medical has developed Kii Fios first entry, the next revolution in laparoscopic access. Upon immediate penetration of the peritoneum under direct visualization, Kii Fios first entry is able to establish pneumoperitoneum with only 3mm of penetration.

Rapid Insufflation with Minimum Penetration

Enables insufflation with only 3mm penetration into the peritoneum

Enhanced Visualization

Provides superior visualization during entry and establishment of pneumoperitoneum

Minimal Fascial Defect

Offers true non-bladed access and separates, rather than cuts, tissue along natural fiber lines

Superior Abdominal Wall Retention

Ensures unmatched abdominal wall retention when coupled with Kii Advanced Fixation sleeve

Rapid Desufflation and Specimen Removal

Allows simple seal detachment for versatility during specimen removal and rapid desufflation capability

Features deep funneled entry for smooth instrument exchanges


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