Forté ureteral access sheaths provide a continuous working channel, simplifying ureteroscopic procedures and protecting the ureter during multiple instrument exchanges.

In addition to facilitating the navigation of tortuous anatomy, Forté sheaths have been clinically proven to protect the urinary system, reduce OR time, eliminate the need for balloon dilators, and aid in washing out stone fragments. REF

Continual Access

Provides a continuous working path, reducing procedural time

Aids in the washing out of stone fragments, facilitating complex ureteroscopic procedures and preventing over-distension of the collecting system

Protects the scope from potential damage

Gentle Dilation

Features tapered dilator to gently traverse ureteral orifice

Incorporates a seamless transition to facilitate insertion and minimize trauma

Replaces expensive balloon dilators

Less Trauma

Protects the ureter during ureteroscopy

Features hydrophilic coating for ease of advancement

Scope Compatibility

Compatible with virtually all major flexible and semi-rigid scopes

Forté Plus Deflecting Renal Access Sheath

Provides continual access to the calices of the kidney by offering up to 180° deflection

Resists kinking, even in the most tortuous anatomy


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Brochure | Forté Plus