Alexis Contained Extraction System (CES)

When it comes to minimally invasive tissue extraction, the Alexis CES has it in the bag! Available in kit configurations to support your multiport, reduced-port or single-site techniques, the Alexis CES offers a complete solution that stand-alone bags cannot.





“The Alexis Contained Extraction System has absolutely helped me to provide my patients with a minimally invasive approach to their procedures, whether that be myomectomy or hysterectomy for a large uterus, because it completely obviates the dilemma posed by uncontained power morcellation.”

Corey A. Wagner, MD

Mercy Clinic Minimally Invasive Gynecology

“Since beginning to use the Alexis CES I have definitely noticed a change in the size of specimens I am able to extract. The more I’m doing, the more comfortable I feel operating on larger uteri. The largest we’ve done so far is 18 cm and I’m planning to do a 20 cm one soon.”

Shahryar Masouem, MD

HealthCare Partners Medical Group



Applied Medical offers educational training programs in minimally invasive surgery for gynecologic surgeons. Course curricula are developed in partnership with leading surgeons and each workshop offers a didactic session followed by a hands-on cadaveric or animate tissue session.

Explore your tissue containment options by trying the Alexis CES. Request participation in a course by submitting the contact form below.



Contained Extraction of a Uterus

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Contained Tissue Extraction

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