Alexis Contained Extraction System

  • Isolates the specimen from the surrounding cavity during tissue extraction.

  • Enables a minimally invasive approach.

  • Accommodates a wide variety of specimen sizes during transabdominal and transvaginal surgery.



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“The Alexis contained extraction system has absolutely helped me to provide my patients with a minimally invasive approach to their procedures, whether that be myomectomy or hysterectomy for a large uterus, because it completely obviates the dilemma posed by uncontained power morcellation.”

Corey A. Wagner, MD


“Since beginning to use the Alexis CES I have definitely noticed a change in the size of specimens I am able to extract. The more I’m doing, the more comfortable I feel operating on larger uteri. The largest we’ve done so far is 18cm and I’m planning to do a 20cm one soon.”

Shahryar Masouem, MD

Obstetrics & Gynecology



Applied Medical offers training opportunities in minimally invasive surgery for gynecologic surgeons. Request participation in a training session by submitting the contact form below.


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