While transanal minimally invasive surgery (TAMIS) provides clear benefits for patients, obstacles may arise for surgeons. Applied Medical has evolved our clinical solutions, in direct response to surgeon input, to help clear a path for TAMIS.

"Since the inception of TAMIS, some of the most vexing problems have been maintaining insufflation and minimizing the smoke. The Epix Electrosurgical Probe in conjunction with the Insufflation Stabilization Bag really offers a cost-efficient solution to these problems."

Matthew R. Albert, MD, FACS, FASCRS

"The Insufflation Stabilization Bag and Epix Electrosurgical Probe give a low cost, high performance solution to both insufflation stabilization and smoke evacuation. This will completely change the cost implication of setting up a TAMIS service."

Tony Miles, MD, MBChB, FRCSEd gen

GelPOINT Path with Insufflation Stabilization Bag (ISB)

Stabilize the surgical space for TAMIS with this elastic CO2 reservoir, designed to effectively absorb the pulsing motion of an insufflated rectum. One end of the ISB connects to standard insufflation tubing while the other end connects to a specially designed sleeve that is inserted through the GelSeal cap. The ISB increases the insufflated volume and delivers a constant flow of CO2 to stabilize the surgical space.

Epix Electrosurgical Probe with Smoke Evacuation

Evacuate smoke at the push of a button while minimizing loss of insufflation. This instrument was designed to maximize comfort and usability during TAMIS by integrating smoke evacuation into an angled monopolar L-hook. The pre-attached tubing conveniently connects to a standard suction line to provide fine suction that evacuates smoke at the source without collapsing the surgical space.

Products may not be approved for distribution in all markets. Please contact Applied Medical for availability.


ISB and Epix Electrosurgical Probe Demonstration Video

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